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Pomfret Jumbo Slices

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Net Weight: 500gm

4 to 6 Pcs (500 g) | Serves 4-5 | Whole Qty used- 590 g.
Serve 4 People Per Kg.
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Pomfret Jumbo Slices Story

The mouth-watering white meat of the white pomfret fish is sweet and not too fishy in flavour. Costly but popular, this is a well-known South Asian fish and perhaps the most commonly sold fish in the country. Tremendously good for health because of the vitamins, minerals and omega 3 fatty acid content, it is a valuable way to make healthy curries, stir fries or grills even more nutritionally rich. 

About Pomfret Jumbo Slices

Also called as: Paplet.                                                  

Cooking Tips/Uses: Fry, Curry, Grilled.                      

Texture: Firm                                                                    

Eating Benefits: High Protein & Omega-3 fatty acids                                                                              

Taste: Sweet Mild Taste                                                  

Meat Colour: White                                                                          

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