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Ghol Cubes

Rs. 949.00
2 to 4 Pcs (250 g) | Serves 2-3 | Whole Qty used- 580 g || 4 to 6 Pcs (500 g) | Serves 4-5 | Whole Qty used- 1160 g.
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Serve 4 People Per Kg.
Rs. 949.00
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Ghol Fillets Story

The Ghol fish is known by many names, Jewfish, Palli Kora, Pulli Panna, Ghoti and Kathalai. It is one of the costliest fish but its heart has tremendous medicinal value, which is why it is known as ‘sea gold.’ The Ghol fish is found in the waters along the North-West coast of India and is perfect to be grilled, fried, steamed, curried or broiled, its meat white, flaky and firm, its taste pleasant and flavourful.

With a high protein content, it is a nutritional powerhouse, filled with omega 3 fatty acids as well as DHA and EPA which are beneficial for people with high blood pressure. Buy it fresh in Mumbai either in as skinless fillets.

About Ghol Fillets

Also called as: Jewfish, Palli Kora, Pulli Panna, Ghoti, Kathalai

Cooking Tips / Uses: Grilled, Broiled, Fried or Steamed, Curry

Texture: Firm

Eating Benefits: Rich in Protein

Taste: Mild Taste

Meat Colour: White Flaky Flesh

Pescafresh Customized Cuts: Skinless Fillets

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