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Black Pomfrets / Halwa Fillets

Rs. 1,195.00

Net Weight: 500gm

Black Pomfrets / Halwa Fillets 1 fish of 1 kg whole fillets wight 500 gm (2 to 4 Pisces)
Serve 4 People Per Kg.
Rs. 1,195.00
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Asian Sea Bass Fillets Story

Asian seabass found in estuaries, lagoons and coastal waters, the flesh is white, flaky, firm, the taste sweet and mild, enjoyed across the world under different names from Barramundi, Khajura‎ fish, Bhetki fish and Jitada. Those prone to cardiovascular diseases can indulge in some Asian Sea Bass, which reduces the risk of these conditions, the plentiful omega-3 fatty acids benefiting heart and blood vessel functioning and increasing good cholesterol in the system.

Asian Sea Bass also protects against colon, breast and prostate cancer and is also great for weight loss, being a rich protein source. Another benefit is that they promote the lowering of blood pressure, acting like an all-round medical wonder food!

About Asian Sea Bass Fillets

Also called as: Barramundi, Lates calcarifer, Khajura‎ fish, Bhetki fish, jitada fish

Cooking Tips / Uses: Fry, Curry, Grilled, Tikkas, Steamed

Texture: Firm

Eating Benefits: High Protein contain

Taste: Sweet & mild taste

Meat Colour: White Flaky Flesh

Pescafresh Customized Cuts: Skinless

Black Pomfrets / Halwa Fillets
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