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Indian Basa Fillet

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1 to 2 Pcs (250 g) | Serves 2-3 | Whole Qty used- 810 g || 2 to 4 Pcs (500 g) | Serves 4-5 | Whole Qty used- 1620 g.
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Serve 4 People Per Kg.
Rs. 498.00
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Indian Basa Fillet Story

Indian Basa is a freshwater fish found in plenty throughout the year especially in the regions of Orissa, West Bengal, Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh. It is also called the Pangasius Fish, known for its sweet, mild flavour. It may be hard to believe but the Indian Basa is a type of catfish and is also quite popular in Thailand and Vietnam.

With a lovely light pinkish colour it is a flaky meat with a firm texture, a good source of protein with low saturated fat content and no carbohydrate. If you want to impress with your curries or steam them up, broil them or fry them, order Indian Basa fresh from us as either skinless fillets, Bengali cuts or slices.

About Indian Basa Fillet

Also called as: Pangasius Fish

Cooking Tips / Uses: Grilled, Broiled, Fried or Steamed, Curry

Texture: Firm

Eating Benefits: Rich in Protein

Taste: Sweet & Mild Taste

Meat Colour: Nice Light Pink Colour/

Pescafresh Customized Cuts: Slices, Skinless Fillets, Bengali cut

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