Pescafresh NAE Chicken


For more than a decade, Pescafresh has been serving fresh seafood to more than thousands of homes as Pescafresh is India's 1st D2C brand in seafood. We have a concept like shore to door. All our products are 100% natural from the oceans. Over the years, we were compelled by a lot of consumers who have asked Pescafresh to start with a chicken. However in line with Pescafresh values, it was important that we take the feedback of the consumers and provide them a chicken that they require. . Increasing amount of feedback that came was consumers wanted a chicken which was No Antibiotics Ever.

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No Antibiotics are given at any stage of growing. NAE goes many notches higher unlike other chickens which claim, “Antibiotic Free Residue”, “Antibiotic Free Feed” and other similar claims. The “NAE” is a promise like none before in India which never EVER uses antibiotics from birth to harvest. The 100% sterilized vegetarian feed with green ingredients ensures the birds grow in the most natural way in family farms. Birds are not caged and have open space which ensures lower fat content and tender most meat. At Pescafresh, WE GROW OUR own CHICKEN to the highest standards and ensure 100% control in all stages of the NAE Chicken.

Connection Line

hen house & hatchery

The Parent Birds that lay EGGS are maintained in high bio-security HEN HOUSE
under world class Poultry standards.

Family Farm

The NAE chickens are fed with 100% vegetarian feed customized of soya and maize. And farmed with sufficient space, ventilation and pure surroundings to ensure a stress free environment. These are exactly the pillars on which are NAE stands. It’s about maintaining the level of standards of keeping the birds stress free which actually ensures us that we never have to use any kinds of antibiotics ever.

Processing & Packaging

At Pescafresh NAE, we ensure Chicken products must be consumed fresh and packed to the highest standard on a daily basis. To ensure optimum freshness, the NAE is Vacuum packed to the highest International standards and is processed in utmost hygienic fully air conditioned processing plant that is approved as per ISO and HACCP (US FDA prescribed standard). The NAE facility is also Halal certified.

Tenderness Guaranteed

Pescafresh NAE is guaranteed tender and delicious by virtue of pure feed and green ingredients being added which ensures a leaner meat with much less fat.

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