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Indian Basa Fillet
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Large Prawns Cleaned & Deveined, No Tail

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14 to 16 Pcs (250g) | Serves 2-3 | Whole Qty used- 500 g || 28 to 32 Pcs (500 g) | Serves 4-5 | Whole Qty used- 1000 g.
Size :
Serve 4 People Per Kg.
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Large Prawns (28 to 32 In kg)

Prawns or shrimp, also known in India as jinga, were once coveted and came at a costly sum. But now, thanks to our dedication to providing quality seafood to our customers, you can order them fresh all year round across Mumbai and we’ll get them to you as they are or cleaned, peeled, deveined (and with the tail or head off).

Prawns are a low calories choice so even frying them in oil or butter is not going to add to your calorie count. As a bonus, not very much oil is needed to sauté prawns, which cook very fast, the pink meat transforming into a lovely white when cooked. Prawns are thus not just extremely flavourful but are also super easy to whip up, literally cooking within minutes!

About Large Prawns (28 to 32 In kg)

Also called as: Kolbi, Zinga, Shrimps

Cooking Tips / Uses: Grilled, Broiled, Fried or Steamed, Curry

Texture: Firm

Eating Benefits: Low fat, Rich in protein, Omega-3 Fatty Acid

Taste: Sweet & mild taste

Meat Colour: White but turn pink after cooking

Pescafresh Customize Cut: Clean Peeled & deveined, Clean Peeled & deveined tail-on, Clean Peeled & deveined head-on, As it is

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