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NAE Chicken Breast Boneless

Rs. 349.00
3 to 4 Pcs (500 g) | Serves 3-4 || 6 to 8 Pcs (1  Kg) | Serves 4-5
Size :
Serve 8 People Per Kg.
Rs. 349.00
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NAE Chicken Breast Boneless Story

The Pesca NAE Chicken Breast is one of the meatier and tender cuts of a Chicken, which comes from the breast-bone of the bird. This cut is skinless and has a soft texture. It’s a best seller at NAE. A great source of vitamins and minerals, Chicken Breast, is also a great choice for a lean protein diet. You can nd pan-fry, bake, grill, or slow-cook the Chicken Breast to relish this famous cut.

About NAE Chicken Breast Boneless

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