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What does it mean when your chicken has no antibiotics?

Many of us come across various labels while circling meat sections in supermarkets and surfing on the internet during our quest to find the safest chicken and meats to consume. Antibiotics free, antibiotics residue free are the more common ones we see, don’t we? Both refer to the fact that no antibiotic was found in the chicken when it was taken for slaughter. Now what happens in most cases is the birds are administered antibiotics during their life, but it is ensured by its custodians that it is 100% free of these antibiotics when they are sent for harvesting.

What is No Antibiotics Ever (NAE), and how is it different from the others? 

With this category, the difference lies in EVER. No Antibiotics are given at all during the entire life cycle of the birds. NAE goes many notches higher unlike other chickens which are certified as Antibiotic Free Residue, Antibiotic Free Feed and other similar claims.

The NAE is a promise like none before in India which never EVER uses antibiotics from birth to harvest. The 100% sterilized vegetarian feed with green ingredients ensures the birds grow in the most natural way in family farms.

Birds are not caged and have open space which ensures lower fat content and tender most meat.

At Pescafresh, chickens are grown with the highest standard. Parent Birds that lay EGGS are maintained in high bio-secure hen house under world class Poultry standards.

 So whenever you’re planning your next meal with chicken, make sure you turn to Pescafresh for the safest, tendermost and cleanest chicken, available in more than 15 cuts.

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