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The Fish Test-Five Points to Keep in Mind While Buying Fish

Are you someone who loves fish but refrain from buying it for various reasons? Are you a lover of seafood but run miles away when it comes to buying the same? Is a good fish curry and hot rice your favorite meal but you’d rather eat it outside for the fear of enduring an ill-informed fish buying experience? Worry not! At PescaLive, we are making fish buying a democratic experience! Something that any fish-lover can do with ease.

So here are five simple tips to remember when you decide to step out to the fresh seafood market next time or for that matter, even buy online.

  1. It’s the eye of the Fish…it’s the thrill of the freshest! Yes, always check the eyes of the fish you buy. They should be bright and bulging, not sunken and red.                                                                                                                                                            Pescablue seafood by Pescafresh is all natural, preservative-free and sourced fresh daily.                                                                                                                        
  2. Just Gill It! – Healthy gills equal a healthy fish. Check the gills of the fish, they should be bright and red rather than brown and faded for the fish to pass its freshness meter.
  3. The Press Test – To be impressed with your fish, press your fish. If the skin bounces back, you’re good to go!                                                             image - Zahra Jani                                                                                                                                                                                                                           
  4. Size Does Matter – The fish you buy should match the average size of its species. It can be bigger of course, but it is not the best fish if it’s smaller than its average size.
  5. All is Smell – A good fish should smell like fresh cucumber. That’s what we’ve learnt as a part of the Pescafresh team. Healthy fish will not be the cringe-worthy smelly fish.

Moral of this write-up- buying seafood can be fishy at first, but if you know what to check while doing the same, the end result will be nothing but fin-tastic!



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