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The Best Boneless Fish in India

The other day while talking to a friend about seafood, he made an interesting remark. He said he loves to eat fish but hates buying the same. Adding that he has no idea how to handle seafood, he said he’d rather order it from the nearby restaurant than cook it himself. Another point he made was about the bones in fish. While expressing utmost love for the taste of wide varieties available, he is averse to the whole fish and bone separating experience. He asked me the best boneless fish in India that he can have and enjoy it.

Despite being a fish eating country, especially in the western and southern parts of India, there is still a lack of awareness about this amazing and healthy meat.

To begin with, there is a massive choice available of our local Indian fish in boneless cuts. Having said that, if you log on to the Pecafresh app every morning, you can be a part of their virtual live seafood sale PescaLive. Viewers learn about the freshest catches and buy them there and then. The same is delivered to customers’ doorsteps in the next two hours. PescaLive is the place to be in, if you’re looking for tips to find comfort with seafood. Everything, from the types of cuts to the tips to look for while buying fish is a part of the session.

Take a look at five most popular Indian fish. However the fish, at Pescafresh you get the best fillets! Fillets – the technical term for boneless fish.

  1. Rawas - One of the most popular fish in India, Rawas, also known as Indian salmon is a super healthy fish. High on amino acids, it is particularly great for consumption by pregnant women.  A great food to promote healthy metabolism, Rawas is a go-to option for weight watchers. Rawas fillets or cubes are boneless and can be consumed in curries and dry starters likewise. 



  1. Pomfret – The white-fleshed non fishy flavoured fish is a favorite amongst India, especially in Mumbai. Popularly known as paplet, the fish is super rich in calcium, iodine, vitamins A, D & B12. Of course, it goes without saying that those who eat fish, especially this variant have beautiful hair, skin and nails. So what are you waiting for? A good recipe for this? We’ve got you covered right here.



  1. Bombil – Popularised as Bombay duck by the British during their tenure in India, the small fish is a versatile and super tasty fish, often consumed as a crisp snack by many in the western regions. Interestingly, the Bombay duck as it’s called has nothing to do with any species of the water creature. It was just how the English pronounced the discarded fish from Mumbai that went to Kolkata in a mail train as Bombay Daak (Hindi for mail), that finally turned into Bombay duck. The fish is boneless and a perfect local delicacy!


  1. Ghol Known as the gold of the sea, the fish is rare and very highly valued due to kits unique medicinal properties. It is rich in vitamins, minerals, great for anti-ageing. Check out the boneless Ghol Joojeh Kebabs recipe by Pescafresh here.


  1. Bhetki Also known as Barramundi, Khajura and Jitada and more popularly as the seabass, the Bengali Bhetki fish is a most popular dish in Indian households. The white and flaky fish has a sweet and mild taste and is versatile when it comes to dishes. From the traditional Bengali fish curry to the more staple fish fry, the seabass can be molded into various recipes. Check out how chef Ananya Banerjee made fish and chips, a well-known street food from London with freshly caught Bhetki at the Pescalive influencer edition.


For more information on seafood and other meats, don’t forget to log in to the Pescafresh app every morning and check our PescaLive sale at 9.30 am. We get you the freshest catches and here, what you see is what you get.




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