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Six Lessons from PescaLive – The World’ First Online Live Fresh Seafood Market

The main objective of launching PescaLive is to enable customers to buy what they see, in real time. Gone are the days when we just saw an image on the web or app and bought our food and groceries. With PescaLive, it doesn’t get fresher.

Every morning, we bring to our customers, the freshest catches from the coasts locally and globally and home-deliver the same as they buy it off the online sale. From red snappers to ghol fish, pomfret to surmai, live mud crabs, lobsters, squids and the Norwegian Salmon, if it’s fresh, it’ll be on our shelf on sale.


While selling our seafood and meat is our primary focus, our live stream is the one-stop destination to gain your comfort with seafood, learn about our NAE Chicken, Tender Red Mutton, SASH22 range of spreads and deli meats and more.

So here are seven lessons aka reasons why you need to download the Pescafresh app and enter our PescaLive market TODAY!

  1. Seafood is easy to handle – Love fish but don’t know how to buy it, cut it, cook it and even eat it? At PescaLive, we tell you about everything from the fish test, to the types of cuts, be it a fillet (boneless) or steak, cubes or whole. Our customers literally only have to take out the customized cuts from the packet and cook it. Trivia – do you know the famous Bengali cut?
  2. Seafood is NOT equal to smelly food – The word is FRESH! If the seafood you’re buying is fresh, the only smell you will get should be of fresh cucumber. If you ever walk in to our studio in the middle of our live session, despite a full display of fresh fish, the only thing you can smell is NOTHING!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         
  3. Cooking seafood and meat is simple – No! Cooking fish is not complicated. Making a chicken curry is not difficult. And we demonstrate it for you at PescaLive. Our chefs, influencers and even our host cook easy and quick recipes that you can add to your favorites for daily or occasional cooking. OK fine, if you’re still lazy we got you covered with our ready to eat SASH22 spreads and Chicken Deli Meats!
  4. Handling exotic seafood is oh-so-easy – Who would have thought deshelling a thorny rock lobster is so simple? Well, we’ve proved it to our viewers. All you need is a pair good scissors. For the rest, we need to see you on our app!
  5. Know what you eat – We encourage our viewers to ask questions on PescaLive. We encourage our customers to ask questions from whoever they buy their food from. For we believe that asking questions and knowing more and more about what you eat is the only way to be happy with what you eat. So next time you buy your Rohu-Catla fish, make sure the seller confirms the fish is flown in from Andhra Pradesh. Or when you eat crabs at a restaurant, ensure you see them live before the chef takes it in to cook.
  6. Dance lessons – We are not all work and no play! We’ve made everyone from our expert cutters to our chefs do a little jiggle wiggle during our live session!

Coming soon on live – our Founder’s Edition, where the captain of our ship, Sangram Sawant will sell fish and impart some knowledge and trivia you’d never know from everywhere but us J

And yes, along with fishing for the best catches, we also fish for compliments, so don’t forget to write to us on and tell us what you think of our live market.

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