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PescaLive Turns 100 Episodes Young! 

Yes, we did it! And we will keep making it better for all those who’ve showered us with their unconditional love for Pescafresh! This month, we completed 100 episodes of PescaLive, our in-house live online market for fresh seafood and meats. That’s right, we’ve come on the Pescafresh a 100 times till now to sell (all our freshest catches from live crabs to Surmai), tell (everyday, we bring to you the numerous benefits and nutritional information about the fish we sell) and dwell  (we love and respect the feedback our customers give us, so we let it stay with us, work on it and make ourselves better each day!)

On popular demand, we brought back Masterchef finalist Akanksha Khatri for the second time. She made an amazingly delicious burger with our NAE chicken kheema and she was a good sport for playing a rapid fire with with with…

Our founder Sangram Sawant – yes! We convinced him to come on live and talk about his journey through the last 18 years. From his favorite seafood to his favorite dish, we extracted it all! He passionately spoke about the concept of freshness and transparency, which is what the property is built on. A customer who visits our virtual market knows it doesn’t get fresher than this.

It’s always been an endeavor for Pescafresh as a brand to give each consumer exactly what they expect. With PescaLive, we show our daily viewers catches that arrive from the east and west coast of India, exactly on the same morning as they arrive. You know its fresh, because we’ve taught you how to check the same when you buy fish.

Always check the firmness of the fish, it should bounce back when you tap it, rather than sink in. Second, make sure the eyes of the fish are bright and not red and sunken in. Learn how to check gills – it should be blood red and not dark brown. The latter is an indication of old fish.

For these tips and many more, don’t forget to check out PescaLive, daily on the Pescafresh app at 9.30 am.

Sea you there J

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