When it comes to seafood, freshness is an important factor that everyone considers. The flavor, texture, and nutritional value of fish depend greatly on its freshness. Consuming healthy and fresh fish is very important. However, you might think finding the freshness of fish can be a difficult task, especially for those who are not experienced in handling seafood. Here we’ll tell you how to know whether the fish is fresh or not? You can consider the below parameters if you are confused and don’t know how to check the freshness of fish.


Appearance: The first step in checking the freshness of fish is to examine its appearance. Here are some key visual indicators of freshness:

  • Clear and bright eyes: If the fish have clear, bulging eyes that are not sunken or cloudy it means your fish is fresh.
  • Shiny and firm flesh: The skin of fresh fish should be vibrant, with scales that are intact and well-adhered. The flesh of fresh fish should feel firm to the touch, and the color should be vibrant, varying according to the species.
  • Red gills: When gills are bright red, the fish is typically fresh. Avoid fish with gray or brownish gills, as they indicate deterioration.


Smell: The aroma of fish can provide valuable clues about its freshness. Follow these olfactory guidelines:

  • Fresh and mild scent: A truly fresh fish will have a mild, pleasant odor reminiscent of the ocean. Any overpowering or unpleasant smells may indicate spoilage.
  • Ammonia-like odor: If the fish smells strongly of ammonia, it is likely past its prime and should be avoided.


 Texture: Fresh fish should possess certain textural qualities that reflect their quality:

  • Resilient and elastic flesh: When touched, fresh fish should spring back into shape. Avoid fish that feels mushy or leaves an imprint when pressed, as these are signs of deterioration.
  • Moist and glossy appearance: The surface of fresh fish should be moist and shiny, rather than dry or dull.


 Origin and Handling: Knowing the origin of your fish and understanding how it has been handled can greatly contribute to assessing its freshness. Consider the following:

  • Source: Purchase fish from reputable companies or markets known for their commitment to quality like Pescafresh is known as the India’s 1st and most trustable brand for the fresh fish and meats.
  • Cold chain management: Ensure that the fish has been properly handled and stored at appropriate temperatures throughout the supply chain. Fresh fish should be displayed on ice or refrigerated to maintain freshness.
Knowing the freshness of fish is important to enjoy the best flavors the sea has to offer. By considering the appearance, smell, texture, & origin, you can confidently select the freshest fish for your culinary creations. Remember, freshness not only guarantees a delightful eating experience but also ensures you reap the maximum nutritional benefits. Pescafresh has launched India’s 1st live seafood and market where you can buy on Live and interact with the company. Customers can also know the quality and freshness of the fish that they are going to get on the delivery on Live. Customers and live viewers get to know interesting hacks and tips to check the quality and freshness of the fish in the live session.
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