The world's first live seafood buying counter. It does not get fresher than this. – Pescafresh

It A'Live'! The World's First Live Commerce For Seafood & Meats!

15 years+ of serving. 2M+ customer stories. 600+ fisher folks. And two years of market study. Culminating into a real delight now. Pescafresh proudly presents PescaLive. The world’s. First. Online Live Counter. 
The most freshly caught pomfret. The freshest seabass, the trout, snappers. Even the freshest crabs, right off the coast. Buy them online. 
Pescalive is adding a feeling into online buying. The feeling of sight, sound and touch. Now you can see what you are buying. Now you can hear about what you are buying. Now you can feel the touch. What you see, is what you get. And you can now get the freshest.
Call it the freshest catch off the sea. Right in front. Call it a fish market, but inside the comfort of your home. Call it your friendly neighbourhood fisherman, fisherwoman. At your service, answering all your questions. Call it ‘going fishing’ for the finest catch. 
This is as fresh as it can get. No more standard photos of the fish. No more standard descriptions. This is for real. Real live fish. Go ahead, ask all the questions you want, Pescalive will answer it for you. Pescalive is made of two things. The trust. And the feeling. We know how important these are.
More than 50% of users are going to buy things live by 2025. Go ahead and sign up for live. And we promise you won’t find it fresher than this. 
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