Five Reasons to Switch to Pescafresh NAE Chicken and Say Yay to NAE!

Five Reasons to Switch to Pescafresh NAE Chicken and Say Yay to NAE!

No Antibiotics Ever (NAE) Chicken is your go-to chicken if you love a good, healthy and tender meat experience. A loyal customer of our brand walked in to our office the other day with a box of donuts. She wanted to thank our customer executive team for their personalized service and of course, speak to our founder, Sangram Sawant about how much she loves the seafood and meat she buys from us.

During the course of our conversation, the topic about our No Antibiotics Ever (NAE) chicken came up and she made an interesting point. She said she finds it difficult to go to a restaurant and eat non-veg now, because she never finds the quality of chicken that she’s looking for.

Now we aren’t telling you not to go out and enjoy a good meal. But what we are telling you here is why our  NAE Chicken and eggs are different from (and better) the rest!

First, the term NAE connotes no use of any antibiotics on the bird, whatsoever, through its entire life cycle. This is very different from the antibiotics residue free meats and eggs in the market, which means the bird may have been given antibiotics at some point in its life, but the substance was not found during the slaughter.

Second, humanely raised on family farms, our hens are given a 100% vegetarian feed. No chemicals are used in raising our birds and that makes the output, i.e. the chicken extremely healthy and completely natural, something that customers are desperately seeking in today’s time of adulteration.

Third - now about our eggs, they are free range, weigh heavier than others and again, come from cage-free hens. What you get a lovely pack of 10 eggs, wholesome, natural and we repeat, No Antibiotics EVER

Fourth, if you’ve followed us on PescaLive, our virtual fresh seafood and meat market that streams on our app every day, you’ll know about our specially curated packaging for all our products. As we tell our customers, all our seafood and meats come vacuum packed, which means, the product is all cosy and tucked in. Nothing can go in and nothing can come out, of course till you use a scissor and open the pack ;)

Fifth, offering the best cuts – From breast boneless to drumsticks, curry cut to the whole bird, we have it all, but the king of all the cuts, the Chicken Supreme deserves a special mention. The Chicken Supreme cut is from the tenderloin that is close to the underside of the chicken breast. These pieces of white meat are among the most tender parts of a chicken and have a mild taste. Very versatile, the Chicken supreme is meant for the ultimate connoisseur who loves his meats in the tendermost form.

Bonus point - We said five reason but here’s your sixth reason to eat our NAE chickens and eggs! Our chickens, while roaming around in the farm listen to music. Like our founder puts it, in India, be Indian – so yes, they don’t listen to Beethoven, but they certainly listen to Arijit Singh J

If you haven’t made the switch as yet, make it today!


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