Five Reasons to Buy Pescafresh’s FRESHLY Marinated Meats

Five Reasons to Buy Pescafresh’s FRESHLY Marinated Meats

Its finally here! SASH22 marinated meats by Pescafresh have hit the market this party season. Multiple trials on the flavours, deep research and many many tasting sessions later, we are here with pure love in the form of freshness and quality for you. We’ve launched with flavours you will instantly fall in love with- Tandoor Chicken Drumsticks, Malai Murgh Tikka, Mutton Boti Masala and Korean style Mutton Gochujang Chops.

Wondering why you should ditch going through the whole marination process for your chicken and other meats at home and buy this? Well, don’t think too much. Just read below and you’ll know why to make the switch.


  1. The PescaFRESH Promise – We’ve stuck to our promise of quality and freshness. Specially curated by our inhouse chef, the newest offering from Pescafresh is made FRESH and not frozen. We follow the best in-house sanitization processes to ensure what you are served is never compromised. Like we always say, what you eat is what our families eat. We make no mistakes here.
  2. Pescafresh Inside – We have stuck to using our own NAE chicken. No Antibiotics Ever. What if we told you 90% of what you find in the market is made with wasted meat? In our case, we use our fresh meats, be it our chicken, Tender Red Mutton or seafood. What goes into the preparation is all Pescafresh!
  3. All natural, no preservatives – And no artificial colours. Need we say more?
  4. Pan to plate within 10 minutes – Pan fry, air fry, microwave, or bake. This is your chance to show the world
  5. Tastes like heaven – This blog will remain unfinished without a very important mention of the delectable taste of our marinated meats. The burst of flavours takes over your palette as soon as you bite into our newest range of products.

Bonus point – Love mutton but afraid to cook it? Tired of a hundred cooker whistles but still ending up with a dish that’s chewy? Worry not, for the cooking mutton has never been so easy. Our chef put together a perfect recipe with his secret ingredient for getting the absolutely perfect tender mutton ready in less than 10 minutes. The Korean style Gochujang chops turn out flavourful and succulent, as does the mutton boti masala. Try it for yourself and you will be pleasantly surprised.

So its time to meat in-eat in these super yummy restaurant-style, home-style, your-style marinated meats!

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