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World Seafood - Red Snapper
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Red Snapper

Red Snapper
Found all over the world, the Red Snapper is a popular white fish are usually sold in the form of fillets or as whole. This fish is quite a head turner at restaurants and is a prized offering for many chefs. It can grow up to 40 inches and makes for a great grill or barbeque. Real Red Snapper has a hint of sweetness and nutty flavour along with a firm texture that lends itself to many recipes. The best part is the Red Snapper is a lean source of protein and is rich in Vitamin A, Selenium Potassium and Omega-3 Fatty Acids but low in calories. A regular diet that uses these may benefit your health considerably.

Taste: Sweet mild taste
Seasonality: September - January
Freshness Indicators: Intact & transparent eyes, firm texture, red gills & bright colour.
Red Snapper

Most preferred Pescafresh cuts:

Fillets, Whole Clean

Pescafresh Varieties:

•  Red Snapper Whole
•  Red Snapper Fillets