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World Seafood - Mahi Mahi
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Mahi Mahi

Mahi Mahi
The saying goes: A fish so delicious, they named it twice! The brightly coloured Mahi Mahi is quite an acrobatic fish and when occasionally seen in the water, it is often confused with a Dolphin. Whether you call it the Dolphin Fish or Mahi Mahi, it tastes as delectable! The texture is medium to firm and has a mild sweetish taste to it. The meat is pink in colour but turns white as you cook it. Being a versatile fish, it works with many cooking techniques and recipes. Apart from its culinary qualities, the Mahi Mahi is a rich source of lean protein and low in calories. For every 31 grams of protein, it has a gram of fat. Home cooks and seafood lovers devour this fish for its health benefits and excellent taste.
Mahi Mahi

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