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World Seafood - Asian Sea Bass
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Asian Sea Bass

Asian Sea Bass
Be it a dinner party or a simple meal, the Asian Sea Bass can be cooked to suit any occasion. Known for its mild buttery flavour and dense meaty texture, this fish is a great alternative to fishes like Tilapia, Cod or Salmon. Let the exotic name not fool you, the Asian Sea Bass surprisingly can be cooked in a snap and the best part is it doesn’t have that ‘fishy’ taste. Being a versatile fish, most cooking techniques like broiling, baking, grilling or sautéing works well. Try using a moderate amount of oil to avoid overcooking it. For a white fish, it has great Omega-3 levels, making it an excellent choice for those who need to watch their diet.

Taste: Slightly sweet & flaky
Seasonality: August - February
Freshness Indicators: Intact & transparent eyes, firm texture, red gills & bright colour.
Asian Sea Bass

Most preferred Pescafresh cuts:

•  Slices, Fillets and Whole Clean