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Rock Lobsters

Rock Lobsters
These warm water lobster tails are smooth, spotted and have a greenish shell. This prized catch is known for its delicate flavour, rich taste and soft texture. Every seafood lover has a soft corner for its taste. Indian Rock Lobsters are considered so good that they are exported to Japan. One glance at the table and you know it's going to be a succulent treat bursting with flavour. Seasoned cooks and home chefs prefer to boil or steam live lobsters for best results. Unlike American Lobsters, the Rock Lobsters have a spiny tough shell for protection and do not have large front claws. These crustaceans are known to be excellent sources of Protein and Vitamin B-12.

Taste: Sweet
Seasonality: All year except monsoon
Freshness Indicators: Hard shell & firm white meat
Rock Lobsters

Most preferred Pescafresh cuts:

Whole clean, As it is

Pescafresh Varieties:

•  Rock Lobsters Baby
   (100-200 gms per pc)
•  Rock Lobster Regular
    (200 to 300 gms per pc)
•  Rock Lobster Medium
    (300 to 500 gms per pc)
•  Rock Lobster Premium
    (500 gms to 1 kg per pc)
•  Rock Lobster Jumbo
    (1kg and up per pc)