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Pink / Brown Prawns

Pink / Brown Prawns
This marine shellfish tastes delicious the moment you bit into it. They are healthy, flavourful and inexpensive enough to count as an affordable treat. Many seafood enthusiasts get confused between shrimp and prawns. The difference between them is pretty straightforward; prawns are harvested from fresh water and shrimp from salt water. Prawns make their way into any cuisine, be in Chinese, Indian or Continental, you’ll always find a different way to put these delicious crustaceans to use. Its firm texture makes it a great addition to preparations like salads, soups, sandwiches and even pasta! The pink and brown variety is fondly called the ‘Jhinga’ along the coasts of India. Prawns are healthy too. They contain fewer amounts of saturated fat and high quantities of protein. They also comprise of selenium which helps prevent the growth of cancer cells. What more could you ask for!

Taste: Sweet & mild
Seasonality: All year except monsoon
Freshness Indicators: Shell hard & shiny bright colour.
Pink / Brown Prawns

Most preferred Pescafresh cuts:

Cleaned, peeled & deveined (CPD), Head on/ tail on deveined, Headless deviened, Head on cleaned ,peeled deveined

Pescafresh Varieties:

•  Pink /Brown Peeled/ Biryani Prawns
   (300 to 500 pcs per kg )
•  Pink /Brown Medium Prawns
   (46 to 60 pcs per kg)
•  Pink /Brown Premium Mediun Prawns
   (36 to 45 pcs per kg)
•  Pink /Brown Large Prawns
   (25 to 35 pcs per kg)
•  Pink /Brown Premium Large Prawns
   (15 to 25 pcs per kg)