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Mud Crabs

Mud Crabs
Mud Crabs are considered as a prized catch by fishermen and fishmongers for its rich taste and impressive size. Usually found in the muddy bottoms of coastal mangroves, they are sold simply due to their ability to survive out of water for days. Its moist meat has a distinct taste and sweet flavour. Its gracious legs and ornate structure makes it a grand affair on the table. The tried and tested methods of cooking mud crabs are steam, boil or poach in saline water. They have a slightly robust flavour and firmer texture than most Crabs. Like most sea inhabitants, Mud Crabs are well endowed with nutritional benefits like Omega-3 Fatty Acids, Vitamins like A, C and B, and Minerals like zinc and copper.

Taste: Sweet
Seasonality: October-April
Freshness Indicators: Hard shell
Mud Crabs

Most preferred Pescafresh cuts:

Whole clean, Remove Claws & Legs, Crab Meat

Pescafresh Varieties:

•  Mud Crabs Small (100 to 200 gms per pc)
•  Mud Crabs Medium (200 to 400 gms per pc)
•  Mud Crabs Large (300 to 500 gms per pc)
•  Mud Crabs Premium Large (500 to 700 gms per pc)
•  Mud Crabs Extra Large (700 gms to 1 kg per pc)
•  Mud Crabs Jumbo (1 kg and up)