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Seawater Fish - Bombay Duck / Bombil
Seawater Fish
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Bombay Duck / Bombil

Bombay Duck / Bombil
A common misnomer with people who aren’t well versed with seafood, the Bombay Duck is actually a variety of fish and not a duck. This famous delicacy gets its name from the iconic train it used to be transported in - the Bombay Daak, daak being the Hindi word for mail.

A Mumbai favourite and identified by its tender texture, Bombil is a delight for many seafood lovers for the fish is available all year round. Being a soft fish, it makes for excellent finger food and is usually served in a fried form.

Taste: Mild flavor
Seasonality: September - June
Freshness Indicators: Bright colour
Bombay Duck / Bombil

Most preferred Pescafresh cuts:

Whole Clean, Boneless