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Quality Standards
Quality Standards

Our Quality Standards

At Pescafresh, Freshness is non-negotiable

Quality by Commitment
Pescafresh takes seafood beyond the next level of freshness to delight you with a range of products that suit your needs. No matter what you pick from our assorted collection of fresh seafood, you can be assured that FSSAI standards and HACCP principles ensure the highest quality.

At Pescafresh, we are committed to high quality, fresh products and transparency with our customers. Our extensive supply network helps us deliver the freshest lot of traditional varieties and unique finds to your kitchen door.
Quality by design
For us, quality is an in-built process designed to cater to your requirements and followed by food safety and regulatory norms.

We take precautions to ensure that our products meet the highest standards of quality and the procedures we have in place are rigorous and consistently followed. Moreover, our facilities follow prescriptive quality measures which are FSSAI approved and are in tune with food safety prerequisites of the Government of India. We set the bar high enough so that every procedure follows HACCP principles and measures up in quality.

Quality by Process
We apply recognized manufacturing practices that ensure quality and food safety. These practices cover all aspects of manufacturing, including Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), Good Manufacturing Processes (GMPs), training, equipment maintenance and handling of products. Our guidelines ensure traceability up to source and use of advanced hygienic equipment like stainless steel, washable equipment and advanced chillers.

Our team of experts inspect the seafood at every stage, from supply to delivery, ensuring that our products are 100% fresh.

Every product is weighed to the exact gram before it is wrapped with food grade polythene and packed into optimum Expandable Polystyrene boxes or Styrofoam shelf tray packs. We understand your need for 100% freshness even during long hauls. Hence, an ideal temperature of 1-40Celsius is constantly retained.