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Quality Standards & Infrastructure
Quality Standards

Quality Policy

Quality is an underlying trait of Pescafresh. Our commitment of bringing you the freshest variety of seafood is what defines us as a company.  Here’s a brief summary of the quality policies and values we adhere to.
The company is committed to acknowledge the changing needs and aspirations of our consumer by offering superior quality products & services through quality management system with the help of HACCP.
The company considers ‘QUALITY’ as one of the principal objectives to guarantee its expansion & leadership in the market.
The company is committed to fulfill its Legal and National requirements for the product’s safety & hygiene. Our company follows the HACCP principles to ensure the product’s safety to the customer.
The company maintains an open communication with its customers & carefully monitors the feedback to improve its products, services to set quality standards.
All employees working in the company are appropriately trained to understand the importance of hygiene & implementation of the sanitary procedures in the unit.
The company communicates its quality standards to all the employees in the organization at all levels.
The company provides authentic information about products / procedures to its employees, customers, suppliers, government authorities & other organization.
The company communicates the implementation and dissemination of the ‘Quality Policy’ to each person in the organization.
The quality policy is reviewed periodically with business objectives.
The company maintains traceability.

The fresh catch comes shrink-wrapped in our magic mantra: ‘Shore to Door’. Everything we do at Pescafresh is about delivering the freshest seafood to you.