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Freshwater Fish
Freshwater Fish
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Hilsa / Bhing / Palla

Hilsa / Bhing
A tropical fish well renowned for its delicious taste and oily texture. Also considered as Bengal’s favourite fish, the Hilsa can be prepared in various ways. Some say there are over 50 ways to cook this versatile fish. It can be fried, smoked, steamed and baked among the plenty other ways of cooking it. On the first day of Bengali New Year, it is a practice to have it with Panta Bhat. Like most seafood, the Hilsa is rich in essential Omega-3 Fatty Acids and helps decreasing cholesterol level.

Taste: Strong taste
Seasonality: August - December, February – May
Freshness Indicators: Intact & transparent eyes firm texture red gills bright colour
Hilsa / Bhing

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